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BeeMP3 is a music search engine for locating an mp3-audio files over the Internet.

Bee MP3 Music Search n Download

* is dedicated to provide its visitors the best mp3 search engine on the net. We have access to more than a million free mp3 downloads all over the internet. You can listen any mp3 file before you download it.

(Cara download: klik kanan mouse, pilih “save target as” atau “save link as” pada link dibawah. File yg di download jika belum ber extensi MP3 harus diubah ke MP3, caranya: setelah selesai di download pilih windows explorer -> tools -> folder option -> view tab -> uncheck  the box titled  “Hide extensions for known file types”  -> OK. Setelah itu pilih klik kanan file yg akan di ganti extensinya dan ganti dengan MP3. Selesai.

airmp3AirMp3is a meta music search engine.
What this means is that it takes the keywords you submit in the search box, and transmits them simultaneously to several music search engines and free mp3s sites.  We do not own a database of free mp3 downloads; we send your search terms to the databases maintained by other mp3 search engines, and gather all results. (Jika file yang anda download belum ber extensi MP3, ulangi cara seperti diatas )


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